<p>We believe in a healthy society. A society where healthcare is available at people&rsquo;s fingertips. <br />Min Doktor brings primary healthcare closer to people at all times through our unique and efficient ways of working. Our flexible and time-optimizing asynchronous health care service is utilizing text, images and video when patients interact with doctors and other healthcare professionals via mobile or webb. <br />Providing improved access to care via Min Doktor frees up many resources at various levels in the conventional healthcare system. <br />We are constantly growing and always in search of talented people, not only health professionals. We are a team consisting of developers, designers, pharmacists, quality assurance workers and many more. <br />Our team consists of over 100 people from various backgrounds and with a multitude of life experiences. We strongly believe that our diversity is a great asset for both the company and our patients. The opportunities to grow and learn from knowledgeable colleagues are endless.</p>

Sjuksköterska / International Guide Coordinator - Min Doktor

Malmö, SKÅ