<h1>Offering everyone a better way forward</h1>
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<p class="header">Because we believe that mobility is essential for human development, we are innovating passionately to make it safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Our priority and firm commitment is to offer our customers uncompromising quality.&nbsp;Because we believe that all of us deserve personal fulfillment, we want to enable everyone to do his or her best, and to make our differences a valuable asset.&nbsp;Proud of our values of respect for customers, people, shareholders, the environment and facts, we are all sharing the adventure of better mobility for everyone.</p>
<p class="header">Globally 111 700 people work for Michelin and we have a marketing precence in 170 countries.</p>
<p class="header">In the Nordics, we have been established since 1921 and approximatly 250 people work for Michelin in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Our Nordic head office is based in Stockholm, S&ouml;dermalm, and here we work with Marketing &amp; Communication, Sales, Finance, IT, Supply, HR and Purhasing. In Kung&auml;lv, Gothenburg, we have our Nordic distrubution center with Transportation planners and Warehouse workers.</p>
<p>Our biggest employee category is our sales force that are working&nbsp;serving our customers and selling our tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses and off-highway (agricultural tires and mining/earthmover tires). The sales force is based in different districts across the Nordics.</p>

Account Manager för Michelins lastbilsdäck! - Michelin Nordic AB

Piteå, NOR 94131