Senior Linux Specialist - Qbrick AB

Stockholm, STHM

Om jobbet

As a Senior Linux specialist with us you will be a part of a team with 6 persons handling the Qbrick Operations in the Nordics. We have our own data centers spread across Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. We are partly moving our services into different cloud platforms and do a lot of work on our cloud strategy. In the role you will operate, monitor and troubleshoot our video platform, encoding system, CDN services and all back end systems coming with that. Load balancing (own developed DNS based), redundancy, scalability, backup/restore, databases and storage are all areas you will get involved with when working here. We have over 500 servers and majority of them (80%) are Linux, CentOS, based. We work closely with development for deploying new versions into our stage and production environments.

Even though our owners are IP-Only and responsible for the network you will from time to time need to troubleshoot our services from a network perspective. All the way from our processes running on the servers to the video player at our customer’s premises.

Every 5th week you will be on call and handle incoming alerts and premium customer’s complaints. In time you will get your own focus areas which you will be responsible for when it comes to development, maintenance and robustness work.

To be successful in this role we think that you have a relevant education or equal experience and at least 5 years of documented work with Linux advanced operations. You need to adopt different techniques we work with and like to learn new things. Network analysis, DNS services, SSL encryption and used to work with critical 24/7 systems are also something you should be relaxed with. You have an enterprise way of thinking in everything you do and you see documenting as a greater good. Furthermore, you have experience of working with automation and deployment tools like scripting, Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins and Octopus. You should at least be comfortable with one scripting language. As we work with a wide range of different systems and techniques you need to be open for learning new. If you are interested in streaming it´s a bonus. Any experience in continuous deployment and continuous integration is a benefit.

Your personality
You are a team player who are structured and self-going. Your communication skills are good as it is required to work with both support, development and our customers to sometimes solve an issue. You have the ability to handle multiple ongoing tasks and you have a pedagogic way of being. You want to develop yourself and learn new things.

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Great things happen when people come together at Qbrick, because we love and believe in what we are doing. We simply love cutting edge technology, coding and to build solutions that can never, ever fail.

We always evaluate new technologies to build better, more flexible implementations that are highly scalable to support massive volumes of traffic from all over the world.

If you think that streaming is the future and you want to push your operations skills to the edge, then we can offer you the opportunity to work with excellent developers, architects, designers and system specialists.

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